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Fibrosis Surgery

fibrosis surgery

Fibroids are muscles that grow on the uterine wall. They are almost benign tumors and they become large in rare cases. Doctors classify them based on their location. In women who have no symptoms, treatment can be difficult.  Signs and symptoms of this problem are as: Severe and painful menstruation Feeling fullness in the abdominal […]

Fibrosis Surgery with Laparoscopy


Fibrosis Surgery with Laparoscopy Fibrosis, fibroid or myoma, are muscles tumors that grow in uterus wall. These fibroids are always non- cancerous. One or many fibroids can be seen in a person. Big fibroids are seen rarely.  Doctors classify fibroids based on location of the growth. Between 20- 80% of women experience these growths in […]