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cesarean section

Cesarean Section

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Cesarean section is a type of surgical procedure, in which the abdomen is cut and the uterus is opened and the fetus is born after the mother is placed under general anesthesia or worsens. This delivery is for some cases. It is prescribed by the doctor. Many people go for this surgery to have no pain at birth. After childbirth, the person is suffering from pain and discomfort.

Cesarean causes

  1. Safe way

Due to advances in medicine and technology, cesarean has become a safe way of childbearing. In the past, due to lack of facilities such as lack of anesthesia during delivery, problems with blood transfusion and the use of antibiotics had dangers for the mother and the baby. Today, these dangers do not exist despite cesarean surgery. This surgery should be done by prescribing and appointing a gynecologist and not only be selected by the individual. Cesarean delivery is also available in certain cases which are dangerous to the mother and the fetus.

  1. Having benefits for fetus

In normal delivery, pressure is applied to the baby’s head, which causes problems and complications in cases where the head of the baby is larger than the pelvis. In the delivery of caesarean section, there is no pressure on the fetus and the baby is born without any problems.

cesarean section
cesarean section and its benefits

Factors that lead to normal delivery to cesarean delivery

Separating the pair
Increase maternal hypertension
Abnormal change in the position of the fetus in the mother’s abdomen
The size of the head of the baby relative to the mother’s hips
Problems with the cord and the pair
Premature or late fetal growth
An embryo with RH blood
Several embryos
Previous cesarean history
Pairing stick

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