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natural childbirth

Natural Childbirth

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Natural childbirth, is the earliest and the first method of childbearing, which has been used from the past to the present. Today, people are looking for painless delivery methods and do not pay attention to other factors. Being safe for the mother and the mother with the least complications of the normal labor has been used for a long time to date. Otherwise, with the advancement of medical science, this method would be obsolete.

Benefits of natural childbirth

  • During normal delivery, the baby gets into the baby’s head that is beneficial to the baby and helps the baby’s brain to grow.
  • Having no risk for mother and baby.
  • Natural delivery occurs when fetal development is complete.
  • In this delivery, the baby is pulled out of the vagina through pressure, which causes the amniotic fluid to escape from the lung, which can be used to relieve respiratory problems.
  • There are protective bacteria in the delivery duct that, when infected, the bacterium enters the baby’s intestines and strengthens its immune system.
  • The baby’s passage from the mother’s vaginal mouth stimulates her cardiovascular system and improves the baby’s circulation.
  • There is a hormonal patch and umbilical cord called endorphin that helps the baby live in the outer space.
natural childbirth
natural childbirth

Pre-natal counseling

During pregnancy, the mother should take care of her physical and infant health. It is essential to consult a gynecologist before giving birth. The doctor makes the recommendations for eating healthy foods. It also performs ultrasound to see the condition of the fetus in the mother’s womb. If the fetus is in a situation where normal delivery is dangerous to her and her mother, the doctor suggests another method, such as cesarean section delivery. One of these cases is the large head of the infant relative to the pelvis of the mother. Due to the natural delivery of the pressure to the baby’s head, delivery should be done by cesarean section.

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